Self-storage is one of the best solutions that you can adopt for the personal effects or the extra office stuff that will not fit in the garage or the other regular spaces that we use for storage in the home. It’s also the perfect place to put things if you’re moving and need a temporary space for things. However, renting these spaces is quite costly at times and, therefore, you need to maximize the use of every little corner and nook of your unit. Here are 10 of the best ideas from professional Cincinnati moving companies for keeping your storage unit organized 

1. Use the same size of boxes

One of the mistakes which most people make when they are organizing their items for storage is picking any size of the carton that comes along and just mixing them up as the process goes. This creates a serious stacking challenge, which reduces the possibility of maximizing on the storage space.  

2. Avoid moisture

There are a few storage mistakes which people make that end up inviting moisture into their unit. Plastic bags are one of the worst storage mistakes that you can make, even if they are sealed. The moisture causes mildew, and if it spreads, it can cause huge damage.  

3. Pad breakables

Before storing fragile things like glass and china, pad them with soft tissue and before putting them in the box, wrap them with bubble wrap.  

4. Recycle

If you have old towels and sheets that you have been thinking about throwing away, do not. Instead, use them to wrap fragile or sharp items.  

5. Seal everything

Be sure to seal all the boxes after packing them. Proper sealing will keep dust and critters out of your things, so they’ll be in good condition when you need them. 

6. Use shelves

Another tip that will be useful to you when storing your things is to make sure that you add shelves inside the storage units. These will help you maximize the wall space available.  

7. Maintain accessibility

Plan the storage unit in such a way that everything can be accessed without having to step all over the other things, regardless of the corner of the unit that it occupies. For this, it helps to add an aisle or pathway. 

8. Dismantle

If you are going to store tables, chairs and beds among other furniture in the unit, pull them apart before. This will help you save on a lot of space and also preserve the furniture. The alternative of storing them in their natural state might mean other things getting piled on top, which weakens them.  

9. Pallet the floor

Before putting anything in the unit, place raised pallets on the ground. This will prevent rats and other pests from easily accessing your valuables and destroying them. Pallets can also help keep things dry if water seeps into your unit. 

10. Keep moisture out

Another important rule to always remember is that if at any point, external moisture gets into contact with any of the things inside your storage units, you will end up with a severe mold problem. Avoid this by protecting all key areas.  

Those are a few of the simple ideas that you can use to maximize on the use of your storage space and also to make sure your valuables are safe when stored in there. 

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