Saying that unpacking is tedious is an understatement. On average, Americans take six months to unpack the last box after moving. Some people even take years to do it. Some have never finished after a decade-long ordeal. Movers want to know how to ease the burden. Well, here are a few pointers from Cincinnati movers and packers. 

Pack professionally 

Even when you have packed like a pro, you may take a while before you are done. What about when you throw things haphazardly into boxes and packing bags? Expect to face a monstrous task of finding things in the pile of mess. It starts with planning what will go where. Besides, you must have the right packing tools. Packing items such as cartons, bags, and boxes ought to be available to you. Systematically label all boxes. 

For example, pack items from each room separately so that you can unpack one room at a time. Pack the essentials separately. However, not everything is a priority. If you want to make every item a necessity, you will end up with a disaster at hand. 

Be logical and systematic 

Carrying clutter is a recipe for disaster. The decision to sell or give out the things that you don’t use can mean a world of difference. If you have kids, their comfort comes first. Unpacking their things can help you deal with the rest of the problem. The kitchen too is a necessity. Take time to unpack it as much as you can. If you are downsizing to a smaller house, you ought to have downsized when you were packing. 

Create time for it 

No matter the size of your house, you will need time to unpack. If you don’t commit enough time, you will be tempted to keep things inside boxes instead of unpacking them. Dedicate adequate time to the whole exercise. A schedule can help you stay organized during your relocation. Most people make lovely schedules, but they don’t follow them. 

Unpacking is everybody’s job at home. If the kids are old enough—they can carry something comfortably—let them help. Ditch the remote or mobile phone for some time. You will catch up after you are done. 

Consult a professional 

You will never go wrong with this one unless you don’t do your homework right. You can let the professionals do what they do best. It will be a cost definitely, but it is well worth it. You will settle down immediately after that. You can resume work fresh and rejuvenated ready to make money. Unless you are really up to the task, bring in some help. As noted, moving and unpacking can take an awful lot of time if you are not careful. It can affect your work and family. 


You can make your unpacking simple by hiring a reputable moving and unpacking company. Professional packing is imperative. Also, create enough time for the task.

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