Even if you’ve moved to a home that’s larger than the one you’ve just left, it seems there’s never enough storage space. Some interior design experts devote their entire careers to finding storage space that’s both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. One idea they’ve come up with is under bed storage.  

Indeed, why shouldn’t things be stored under the bed? The clearance between the bottom of most beds and the floor is surprisingly ample. Because of this, you have several options for storing under the bed:  


There’s no reason why that old suitcase that’s been standing empty in your closet can’t be used to store your seasonal clothes or bed linens. Vintage suitcases that you no longer take on trips for whatever reason, whether it’s a broken clasp or a wonky zipper or it just looks as old as it is, are just the thing. 

Storage Boxes  

These cardboard boxes are specifically made to store under the bed and come in all types of patterns and colors. There’s certainly one that matches the decor of your bedroom or even the bed linens. 


Baskets made of fibers, whether it’s wool, linen, jute, or rattan, are attractive ways to store stuff under the bed. 

Storage bins with wheels  

These bins, which are often made of tough plastic with snap-on lids, have wheels that make sliding them under the bed and pulling them back out easy. 

Wire Baskets  

These baskets are often found in locker rooms to hold towels and other sundries. They are excellent when repurposed as under bed storage. 

Built-in Storage 

Since you’re moving into a new and possibly bigger place, why not invest in a bed that has its own, built-in storage? One type of bed is a trundle bed. This is a small scale bed with casters that can be rolled under the full-sized bed during the day. Take out the mattress, lay an old sheet over the springs, and the repurposed trundle bed makes a fantastic storage unit.  

Other beds come with drawers beneath the mattress that are roomy enough to store blankets and comforters or even sports equipment. There are even platform beds where you lift up the mattress to reveal a simply enormous storage area. You may want to buy some drawer dividers for such a large space to keep your stuff from getting jumbled and tangled together. Some beds have open shelves beneath the mattress where you can both display and store your favorite items.  

Some Tips 

Before you store clothes, toss them in the washing machine or have them dry cleaned. Do this even if they look clean because being secreted away for half a year can bring out hidden stains and set them. The oils your skin leaves on fabrics also attract clothes moths. Make sure to air out dry-cleaned garments for a day or two and wrap clothes in old cotton sheets before putting them in the storage unit. 

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