Moving is hard. Moving cross-country is very hard. Moving cross-country at the last minute? That may seem impossible, but it can be done. By following these tips from long distance movers and keeping your cool, you can relocate to another part of the country in no time at all.  

Hire Movers  

When moving across town, renting a truck and doing it yourself is a perfectly reasonable plan. When moving from one edge of the country to another? It becomes very cost prohibitive and overwhelming to tackle it by yourself. Although time is short, be sure to research national moving companies before hiring anyone. Any company you go with should have a USDOT number issued to them by the US Department of Transportation as well as many positive reviews. Huffington Post warns that hiring “shady movers” can be one of the biggest moving mistakes. Cheap Movers Cincinnati can help you find nationwide moving companies that are licensed and insured! 

Decide What Furniture to Keep  

Lugging all of your furniture across the country may not be the best plan. Almost every piece of furniture you have is probably heavy as well as bulky. It a lot of cases, buying new furniture for your new home may be more cost-efficient. Keep what you absolutely love and consider replacing the rest of your things once you’re settled in. National Van Lines indicates that moving cross-country is a great excuse to get rid of old furniture and upgraded appliances.  

Keep Rid of Unwanted Belongings  

It isn’t just your furniture that should be scrutinized. If you need to move cross-country in a hurry, recommends paring down your possessions. Things you don’t want can be donated to charity. If you happen to have enough time, you can throw together a quick moving sale to try to help cover your costs.  

Hire Packers  

In a perfect world, you would have the time to pack and sort all of your belongings yourself. In reality, you may be working and otherwise busy right up until moving day. Hiring professional packers can take some of the pressure off of you. The Spruce explains that full-service packers can give you an estimate of how long it’d take them to pack your house and what it would cost. You can then decide if it is worth it for you.  

Have a Plan for Children and Pets  

Having to move across the country in a hurry can be made extra difficult if you have children or pets. You need to have a plan for getting them to their new home. Decide if you are going to fly or drive to your new home. Think about what would be easiest for your family. Forbes explains why meltdowns from the kids (and adults!) in your family should be expected.  

Know that moving companies will not move your pets. They will need to either fly or drive with you. It is a good idea to take one last trip to the vet before you leave to make sure they are healthy and to get their health records. 

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