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Handy Checklist for Packing Your Kitchen for a Move

Moving day is almost here, and you are ready to begin your packing, but where do you start? You might be thinking about packing your kitchen items last since you will probably be doing some meal prep until your actual moving day. However, it is a good idea to get going with packing up the kitchen ASAP.  

Packing your kitchen may be your most tedious moving task. When you start packing your kitchen, you’ll probably find more things that you ever imagined. What’s more, your kitchen probably has many fragile pieces that will require careful wrapping before packing to avoid breakage. If you want to maintain a working kitchen in the days or weeks up to your move, here is a handy checklist of with strategies to help you pack your kitchen over time.  

Pack rarely-used items first  

Chances are you have utensils that you don’t use that you can pack and get out of your way.  

Pack glassware and fragile items early  

Breakable items take time to pack, so rather than waiting until the last minute, wrap and pack these items ahead of time. Wrap plates and glasses with wrapping paper made for this purpose and cushion with bubble wrap when placing in boxes. Kitchen towels and linens can be packed with fragile items for extra cushioning.  

Separate forks, spoons, knives, spatulas, and similar items before packing  

After separating, pack these pieces in clear plastic shoeboxes before placing them in larger boxes. This will make it easier to organize and store them in your new home.  

Throw out or donate items you have not used in several years  

Getting rid of unneeded pieces will speed up your packing and help you avoid moving clutter in your new kitchen.  

Get rid of expired food  

You might be surprised at the expired non-perishable foods that can collect in your pantry and cupboards over time. Throw out expired food, including spices, flour, and stale cereal.  

Purge your refrigerator and freezer  

Your refrigerator and freezer are places where expired condiments and food tend to linger for weeks if not months. Lighten your moving load by tossing these items.  

Pack metal pots and pans lightly  

Metal pots and pans don’t require wrapping but can be heavy. Be careful that you don’t pack too many of these items in a box. Use several small boxes to reduce weight and make the boxes easier to close and carry.  

Pack a box with items you might need immediately after your move  

Movers recommend packing and marking a special box with a few utensils and cookware that you will need right away. You’ll probably be looking for your coffee maker and cups soon after you move. Until you are ready to unpack your kitchen supplies, microwave-safe plates for heating up food, paper products disposable utensils, and a couple of dish towels can get you through the first few days in your new home.

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