Moving outside of the state? Moving across the state? For any long-distance relocation, hiring a professional mover is a must. Out-of-state and interstate moves require hours of planning and managing logistics. With a professional mover, the entire process can be taken care of for you. They’ll handle the interstate driving, the handling and the heavy-lifting, making your long-distance relocation a little less stressful.

On Cheap Movers Cincinnati, you can search through our network of vetted, licensed, and insured professionals that are experienced in relocating customers throughout the Midwest and across the country. All movers in our network have years of experience, so they are well familiar with the best local routes inside and outside of the state to get your belongings to where they need to go. And, all the relocation specialists we partner with offer 100% free moving quotes, so you can compare prices effortlessly and find the services you need at a price that fits your budget.

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Moving Services For The Long Haul

Our network of professional movers spans all of Cincinnati. Each company we partner with is vetted, so we are sure that you always receive a quality service experience. Because we partner with so many moving companies, you can find services for your specific needs and situation on Cheap Movers Cincinnati. Our moving partners offer the following long-distance moving services:

  • Apartment & Home Moving: Whether you are moving out of 4000-square-foot house or into an apartment the size of a postage stamp, hiring a professional relocation specialist can make the move easier and less demanding of your time and energy. They can assist you with a single task like packing or unpacking or take care of the entire move for you, from start to finish.
  • Office Relocations: Our moving partners tackle much more than residential relocations. Many movers on Cheap Movers Cincinnati also specific experience handling office relocations. From moving expensive office electronics to disassembling large desks and conference tables, a professional mover from Cheap Movers Cincinnati is ready to manage each part of your business move!
  • Furniture Moves: For long-distance moves, you want to make sure that your furniture is packed and loaded properly. Improper handling and packing of furniture during long-distance relocations can end up damaging expensive or fragile items. Our moving partners have extensive training and experience in relocating all sorts of furniture – from couches and love seats to bedframes and night stands.
  • Piano Relocations: Pianos are extremely difficult to move. They’re bulky, heavy, and painstakingly delicate making them an item that’s best handled by professionals. We partner with multiple piano movers located in Cincinnati, OH, so you can find a local mover that is specialized in piano relocations easily and effortlessly.
  • Storage Solutions: Instead of sourcing another company for your storage needs during your move, a mover from Cheap Movers Cincinnati can also provide the storage solutions you are looking for. We are partnered with multiple movers that not only help you make the move out of your residence or office and offer short- and long-term storage solutions.
  • Full-Service Moves: You can hire a mover to take care of just the packing and unpacking or loading and unloading, but if you want the entire move taken care of for you, a full-service move is the perfect solution. Within our network of professional relocation specialists, you can find dozens of movers that offer full-service moves, which include packing, loading, unpacking, and unloading. And with a completely free moving estimate, you can effortlessly find a mover that fits within your budget.
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Starting Your Move Off On The Right Foot

Moving across the state, to another state, or even farther? Interstate moves are a little different than regular moves because they require a longer drive. This means your stuff needs to be packed and loaded extra securely. To make sure you have a successful long-distance relocation, you want to do a few other things before the big day.

Start Planning

First things first—make a list. This list should include things you need to do before your move, like canceling utilities and finding a mover. Make sure you set dates for completing each task so that you are not overwhelmed and check them off as you complete them. Another list you should consider creating is an inventory of all your packed boxes. This way none of your boxes get accidentally left behind at your old residence or in the moving truck during the relocation. This inventory can also come in handy in case you have an insurance claim.

Find A Long-Distance Mover

For long-distance relocations, you want to find a professional to handle the move for you. They will make sure your possessions make it to your new place securely by carefully packing and loading your belongings. They will also handle the driving and navigating, so you don’t have to fret about steering a huge moving truck. A pro mover also helps you settle into your new place by taking care of all the unloading and unpacking for you. Cheap Movers Cincinnati enables you to quickly compare rates from top interstate movers in the Cincinnati area, so you can find a licensed mover that works for you!

Pack And Pack Well

There is nothing more important during a state-to-state relocation than making sure all your belongings are packed properly. Since your belongings are making a long drive, the chance of damage from things jostling and bumping is higher. So, always go with a professional to ensure your items are securely stowed and adequately packed for the trip.

Pack An Essentials Bag

Unpacking can take days, sometimes even weeks! With that in mind, you’ll want to have easy access to the items you will need while you are unpacking and organizing your new place. This stuff includes toiletries, clothes, and food. Pack clearly labeled and easy-to-access boxes or bags with these essentials and keep them with you, instead of letting the movers load them onto the moving truck.

Be New Home Ready

Did you know in some cities it can take days or even weeks for utilities like electricity and gas to be turned on? The last thing you want to hear when you move into your new place is that it is going to take a week to get your lights turned back on! To avoid any headaches, call the utility companies in your new city to verify that the utilities at your new location are still turned on. If not, schedule a date so they can stop by and get them running. Since you usually must be present during the service, scheduling the service on your move-in day or the day after would be best.

The best first step in preparing for your move is booking your movers. Start now, by requesting your free moving estimates from the best long distance movers in Cincinnati!

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