Moving your business to a new commercial space or retail center? Wherever your business is headed, this type of move can present many challenges. Whether you need to uproot several departments or relocate new recruits, there are several logistics that must be covered to guarantee a trouble-free changeover. It’s a stressful undertaking having to coordinate a move and handle your daily obligations. By hiring an office moving company, you can relax and focus on the success of your business. And through Cheap Movers Cincinnati, it’s easy to find reputable office movers that specialize in business moves just like yours.

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Commercial Moving Services For Busy Businesses

Our trusted moving partners know how to relocate a business the right way. Offering a wide range of moving options, the moving companies we work with can accommodate any business move – big or small. From short-term storage solutions to full-service moves, you can experience a seamless transition. Below, you’ll find available Cincinnati commercial relocation services:

  • Long distance moves: Relocating your company to or from the Heart of It All? We’ve got you covered. We pair you with vetted and seasoned interstate moving professionals that excel at relocating companies of all types and sizes. From small startups to large corporations, our long-distance moving partners can offer a smooth commercial relocation in the greater Cincinnati metro area.
  • Local moves: Whether your lease has expired or you’re enjoying growth in the Queen City, your business needs reputable commercial movers. We make easy work of sourcing experienced office moving experts that are knowledgeable in business relocations. Our network of vetted local movers come prepared with local knowledge and experience, ensuring a smooth transition and little to no loss in productivity.
  • Storage: Even if you’ve methodically planned out your business move, you may still need to stash away business goods while transitioning. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to source commercial storage than with Cheap Movers Cincinnati. Many movers in the city also provide warehousing and storage services. We make it a cinch to locate safe and secure storage, so your business can experience a smoother transition into your new office or commercial space.
  • Specialty moves: Do you require special equipment to keep your business running? If so, it needs to arrive at your new space in the same condition as it left your old office. From medical equipment (like exam tables and dental chairs) to lab equipment, we can source a skilled moving crew to carefully handle your bulky, expensive, and sensitive gear. Don’t take the chance by hiring unvetted movers. Rest assured while your medical equipment, servers or other specialty items are expertly transported by one of our qualified moving partners.
  • Corporate relocations: Relocating or transferring employees – whether current staff or new recruits – can be quite a daunting challenge. It can often involve highly complex logistics, and if an employee move doesn’t go as planned, it could result in costly disruption and downtime. Call us today if you’re looking for quality business moving services. We help to ensure that your employees have a smooth moving experience.
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How To Make Your Commercial Relocation Go Smoothly

When moving your business, it pays to plan. Every relocation presents its own unique challenges and logistics. Whether you’re dealing with a lease that’s about to expire, business expansion or just looking for a fresh start, follow these ten tips for a seamless office move.

Prepare In Advance

As with anything worth doing, a solid plan of attack is crucial to a successful commercial relocation. Start by utilizing job aids such as checklists and timelines, preferably three or more months ahead of time.

Select Movers Asap

Shop around for a skilled office moving company. Start this process at least a few months in ahead of your desired moving date. Inquire about references and ensure that prospective movers are qualified for your type of relocation.

Label Everything

To limit delays at your new location, create inventory lists to keep track of your business items. Mark boxes, color-code and take photos so employees will be able to easily locate everything.

Purge Your Space

It’s amazing how much stuff can accumulate in a commercial space, particularly if you’ve occupied it for a while. Donate or discard any excess equipment, furniture, etc. to free up square footage.

Time Your Moving Logistics

Try to plan your move during a slow time. Don’t forget to notify adjacent businesses, neighbors, employees, and customers of the move. Also, make sure that movers have access to loading docks, elevators, and parking that will make their job easier.

Order New Business Supplies

Need supplies for your new office? While purging, this may become apparent. Order new equipment and supplies ahead of the move and have them sent to the new business address.

Provide A Buffer

No one wants to work under a ton of undue pressure, especially during a move. Schedule the last week without any major turnarounds or meetings. Employees and customers will thank you.

Buy Insurance And Hire Cleaners

Have enough coverage for your company move? If not, don’t forget to ask your moving company about policy options. Once your office is packed up and ready to go, schedule for cleaners to come in and freshen up your old stomping grounds.

Arrange For Logical Moving

Prioritize the order of your move. If you have multiple departments, for example, consider moving in your IT department first to facilitate an efficient and smooth transition into your new building.

Get Back In Sync

Ok, so you’ve moved in. Congratulations! This is a chaotic time, so your employees may find it hard to get into a rhythm again. To ease the transition, have employees come in post-move arrange workspaces and get to know their new work home. Throw a luncheon or party to raise everyone’s spirits!

By planning in advance, your team can hit the ground running. Contact Cheap Movers Cincinnati if your company is in search of reputable office moving services.

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