Let’s face it, packing is a pain. So is unpacking. Mustering the strength or desire to properly pack all your belongings can be tough. Not to mention, you’ve most likely got your hands full with work, family and other obligations. And this doesn’t take into consideration the amount of effort and skill it takes to properly wrap, box and crate prized artwork, antiques, and sports memorabilia. Take a breather by hiring the pros. Cheap Movers Cincinnati can connect you with a quality moving company offering affordable packing services. Get free moving quotes and experience the difference today!

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Packing Services For Your Move

When preparing for your relocation, packing properly is essential. Moving trucks encounter all sorts of bumps and jolts during transit. If your prized possessions aren’t suitably safeguarded, it can lead to heartbreaking damages. A packing service may be purchased separately or bundled in a moving package. Our reputable Cincinnati moving partners provide these top-rated services:

  • Complete packing: When planning to move, many people are don’t have the ability or time to pack their stuff. By going with a packing crew, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on more worthwhile pursuits while all your needs are covered from beginning to end.
  • Partial packing: Most packing is straightforward. If you have any breakable or bulky items, however, you should probably hire pro packers. From a few delicate items to a whole room, we can pair you with partial packers that will save you big time.
  • Boxing valuables or collectibles: Family heirlooms, collectibles, and art require special attention. Pro packers can skillfully safeguard your valued possessions. From keepsakes to canvas paintings, it’s worth it to hire specialized packers to ensure your fragile or irreplaceable items are protected during a move.
  • Storage packing: You may want to throw your belongings into storage quickly, especially if you just completed a long move. The resulting mess and potential damage are not worth it though. Consider hiring a professional packing service. It’s probably cheaper than you may think, and it will ensure an organized space while saving you time and money.
  • Furniture dismantling/reassembly: Moving unwieldy furnishings is a pain. Add the complication of dismantling and reassembly, and you’re looking at a time-consuming ordeal. There is help out there though. Cincinnati packers can give you a hand or take over the job completely, making it look easy while handling bulky home or commercial furniture.
  • Unpacking: By the time you step into your new apartment or house, you might not have the energy or desire to unpack anything. That’s perfectly understandable. By enlisting the help of all-in-one movers, you can give yourself a break. Enjoy your fresh start while a crew provides you with an efficient and speedy unpacking service.
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Packing Tips That You Shouldn’t Move Without

Want a stress-free and tidy packing experience? Check out these awesome tips:

Start Ahead Of Time

Remember, procrastination is not your friend. Give yourself ample time to coordinate and accomplish your packing plan (anywhere from 1-3 months prior to moving). You can begin the process by getting your hands-on packing supplies, including packing peanuts, tape, markers, labels, and sturdy cardboard boxes. Once in your possession, go ahead and start to pack. Take it slow at first – a couple of boxes at first. Only pack stuff that won’t be needed until after your move.

Purge Your Home

This step helps to save a ton of space and reduce clutter. Start by taking a tour of your place. Make mental notes or write down what every area contains. This will help you paint a bigger picture. Once you’ve gone through every space, it’s time to purge. Sort through each room’s contents. Separate or mark items that you either want to keep or discard. Sell, give away or throw out any electronics, clothes, toys, and other household items you no longer use. This process should take place at least one month before moving.

Pack Methodically

Proper packing protects valuables and reduces the amount of truck/storage space you’ll need (saving you money). Place heavier items in first. To add another layer of protection, fill any empty space with clothing or packing material. For nice clothes, grab some wardrobe boxes. Set aside plenty of time for areas that need the most attention, such as the kitchen. Remember to stack dishware vertically and avoid using newspaper for padding, as it will cause staining.

Prep Specialty Items

Many items in your home are easy to wrap and box, but several items will necessitate extra care. If possible, transport any delicate or valuable items personally. Bulky electronics like televisions will need to be placed in original packaging or crated. Oil paintings, sculptures, and artwork should be specially wrapped, padded and boxed. Don’t have the time, desire or ability to carefully pack your prized possessions? Contact Cheap Movers Cincinnati to find skilled packers in Cincinnati, OH.

Create An Essentials Box

It’s finally come – the last week before moving day. By now, almost all your packing should be done. Now is a good opportunity to prepare an essentials box. Take a tote, backpack or box and fill it with anything that will be required right after moving. This can include medications, snacks, drinks, toiletries, tools, bedding, and clothing. Once you’re done, place it somewhere accessible, like in your personal vehicle.

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