Moving, remodeling or traveling? Expanding your business? Whatever the reason for renting storage, you probably need a cost-effective solution. Whether you’re on the move or require inventory space, it may become a huge headache trying to find clean and secure storage at an affordable rate. A great way to streamline things and save money is by choosing a moving company that also provides storage options. By hiring full-service moving specialists, you can make your next move much less complicated. With Cheap Movers Cincinnati, it super easy to source top-rated storage options in Cincinnati, OH!

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Cincinnati Storage Units And Facilities

Many moving companies in Cincinnati offer both moving and storage services. Most companies have spacious on-site warehouses, but some also operate self-storage facilities that allow customers 24/7 access to the premises. While mulling over where to put your things, consider the following:

  • Cleanliness: Take a tour of prospective storage facilities to inspect for cleanliness. Selecting a unit that isn’t well-maintained can be a red flag for pest problems and future damaged items.
  • Security: While speaking with management, be sure to ask how the facility handles security. Their safety plan may include cameras, on-site security, gates, and alarm systems.
  • Accessibility: Looking for flexible access to stored possessions? Is so, you should consider getting a unit with self-storage over using a mover’s warehouse.
  • Affordability: When hiring one company to cover both your moving and storage needs, you can enjoy a seamless moving experience at a pleasantly affordable price.
  • Selection: If you select self-storage, inquire about options, including capacity and size. When hiring a moving company, your belongings are taken to a warehouse where they are stored along with other customers’ things. Not to worry, moving companies designate a spot just for your stuff, so it won’t get lost!
  • Climate-control: Ohio winters can be brutal. That’s why it pays to find a storage with climate control. Goods like furniture and art require consistent temps and do not respond well to high moisture levels.

Through Cheap Movers Cincinnati, Cover All Your Storage Needs:

  • Residential: Married with kids or enjoying the single life? Either way, you can enjoy stellar services and great savings by hiring a knowledgeable residential moving and storage company.
  • Commercial: Planning to relocate or expand your company? Benefit from secure and affordable storage to stash inventory, office equipment and furniture, and more.
  • Furnishings: Protect your wood cabinets, antique chairs, tables and leather coaches. Cheap Movers Cincinnati can pair you with a quality storage facility that regulates heat and humidity.
  • Wine: With warm summers and frosty winters, weather fluctuates a lot in the Queen City. We can help you protect your wine collection with the perfect storage solution.
  • Art: Cherished family pictures, paintings, and art items can be irreparably damaged by humidity, pests, and inconsistent temps. Avoid heartbreak by renting a well-regulated space.
  • Documents: Work files, receipts and tax papers can take up a lot of space. If you’re looking to declutter and safely stash important docs, stow them away in secure and dry storage.
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What To Know When Moving Your Stuff To Storage

When moving, there can be several reasons why you need to rent storage space. Maybe you’re downsizing, between homes or want to stash away valuables. Whatever the reason, it’s worth it to efficiently pack your storage unit to save space and protect your stuff.

Invest In Plastic Wrap And Pallets

Using wooden pallets is a cost-effective way to protect your goods from floods and leaks. You can buy these, but it’s a lot cheaper to ask big box stores (like Walmart) or your local grocer if they have any leftover pallets from recent deliveries. Start by measuring your unit to see how many pallets you’ll need. Once you’ve gathered enough to cover the floor of your unit, lay them out in an orderly fashion. Before putting items into the unit, use industrial plastic moving wrap (the kind professional movers use) to safeguard furniture and the like. With pallets and wrap, the items in your storage unit will stand a better chance against pests, dust, dirt, and more.

Make An Inventory List

A lot of folks recognize the importance of clearly label their moving boxes, but how about detailed info on their contents? A household inventory can come in handy. By keeping a precise list of your valuables and their location, you can easily find them in storage. This record can also prove useful when dealing with an issue that leads to an insurance claim later.

Pack And Stack Correctly

If possible, use only one or two sizes of boxes when packing. This will make for better stability and organization, which in turn will help protect your belongings. Fill empty space with packing peanuts, old clothes or other suitable materials for better structural rigidity. Once your boxes are prepped, you can begin to fill your space. Start by neatly stacking one row at a time. Remember to not stack too high.

Store Stuff Creatively

Effective organization is important, particularly in small areas. Stacking a storage unit requires exercising your creative muscle. Experiment with ways to utilize as much space as possible. An example would be the use of some shower rods to hang suits and gowns. Pallets can be oriented in such a way to provide shelf space to hang various tools and cleaning supplies. The possibilities are endless, so experiment!

Get Ample Insurance

Even after you’ve taken the time to properly pack a storage space, your valuables are still vulnerable to several risks. These include theft, fire, and flooding. Renter’s insurance typically covers any losses incurred while your stuff is being stored. Take the time to contact your insurance agent to ensure that you are properly covered for when the unexpected happens.

By planning, you can save both time and money. Organizing your haul effectively will pay off, making for good use of storage space (so you don’t need a larger unit) and ensuring that everything is properly protected.

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