Cincinnati is a great place to live, but any move requires some level of busywork to get yourself up and to run. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new home to find that one of your utilities aren’t working as they should, but you can make sure the process goes smoothly with just a pinch of due diligence. Here’s all you need to know about local utilities in Cincinnati in preparation for your move.  


As is the case with most cities and states, water services are publicly overseen, so you don’t have to deal with any private companies to get your water main set up. If you’re renting an apartment, the chances are good that your landlord will handle the details for you, but you may have to get in touch directly with the Greater Cincinnati Water Works if you’re a new homeowner. Regardless, you can handle payments directly through their online portal and report burst water mains in the same place.  


While gas services are ostensibly privately owned and managed in Cincinnati, Duke Energy is really the only game in town. They’re one of the largest energy companies in the world, offering gas services throughout the states of Ohio and Kentucky. Fortunately, they offer an online portal that you can use to get your gas service connected with little hassle. You can connect or move your service here, but you may want to give a little lead time before your move in case you need to pay a deposit for your services.  


As with gas service, Duke Energy is the largest provider of traditional electric service in Cincinnati. Unlike with gas, you have a few more options for getting your service established. Sun Power offers residential green energy options, but just keep in mind that you can’t ask for service and get it up and running the next day. You’ll want to take the time to set up a consultation, get financing, and deal with the installation. If you choose to use Duke Energy instead, you can schedule your service and make your payments directly through their website.  

Cable and Internet 

Finding cable and internet for your property is one of the most complicated tasks just because there are so many providers available. In terms of well-known national brands, DISH and DIRECTV both provide service throughout the city, but you’ll also find reliable local providers like Cincinnati Bell and Mediacom. Packages can vary wildly, and the choice that’s right for you might require comparison shopping, but you can scrutinize your options more closely here 


Garbage services are considered a public utility, and you don’t have to do much to get yourself running. Renters will generally have service handled by their landlord. While new homeowners shouldn’t have to do anything to get their service established, you may want to check the public site to learn more about the rules for trash disposal and pick up and learn how you can avoid unnecessary fines. 

While we can’t set up your utilities for you, we can help you find a moving company that’s right for you. Get started now by requesting a free quote!

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