There is nothing like moving to force you to finally declutter. If you are like most people, the thought of diving into your closet to clean it out strikes fear into your heart. Clothes, shoes, and accessories can accumulate quickly with each passing season. It is difficult to know where to begin when preparing to pack up your entire closet. These tips will help you streamline the process, so when it comes time to pack, you will be ready.  

Throw Away Damaged Items 

The first step toward clearing out your closet before a move is to go through your wardrobe and pull out damaged items. Clothes with holes, stains, and tears are no longer wearable, and this is an excellent time to say goodbye to them. Toss them in the garbage or cut them up for rags. Alternatively, use them as packing material, then throw away when you get to your new home. 

Purge Pieces That Do Not Fit 

We all have clothes that no longer fit us in our closet. We are either saving them for that mythical day when those 15 extra pounds are finally gone, or they need minor tailoring that you just have not had time to have done. For clothes that need sewing, this is an excellent time to get them altered. If you look at a piece and decide it is not worth the effort, get rid of it. As for the items that are too small, it may be best to donate them to someone who can use them immediately rather than having them take up unnecessary space in your closet.  

Sell Unwanted Brand Name Clothing 

If you have designer pieces that you are just not into anymore, you can make some quick cash by listing them on a social media garage sale page, selling them for money at a second-hand store or shipping them to an online consignment shop like Poshmark 

For any items in your closet that you no longer care about, bag them up and donate them to a local charity. Whether they are out of style or you do not like the way they look anymore, gently worn items are always welcome at a thrift store.  

Brutally Declutter Remaining Clothes 

When you have completed all the above stages of purging, pull out all remaining items from your wardrobe and go through them with a hardened heart. Anything you do not get rid of will be one more box you have to move to your new home. Be brutal by putting anything that does not serve a purpose or make you happy on the clothing chopping block.  

Clean Your Remaining Items 

Once you have your closet pared down, it is time to get it ready to be boxed up. Send any dirty items to the dry cleaners, do laundry and sew on missing buttons. When you unpack your clothes at your new home, your wardrobe will be in pristine condition with everything spotless and ready to wear. 

By following these decluttering tips, you’ll have your wardrobe whittled down to the essentials and ready to pack! Now all you must do is hire a Cincinnati moving company to do the heavy lifting. For that, you can call Cheap Movers Cincinnati!

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